Task management system design

Task management. Its mention can conjure up notions of multitasking Task management system design gone awry: a juggling of tasks that feels anything but managed; a cacophony of concerns that can drive a manager mad, and her workers madder. If this describes multitasking at your company, there may be a way to end the mayhem: implement programs that help you assign, track, and resolve tasks more effectively. Known as task tracking systems, these programs can help your company streamline task resolution in the following areas, among others:

Bug Tracking

Bug tracking is a type of task tracking that focuses on software bugs (i.e. errors in computer code). Like other types of tracking, its success depends on four elements:

  • Correctly categorizing tasks
  • Assigning tasks to the right workers
  • Monitoring work progress in real time
  • Marking tasks as resolved

Task manager programs facilitate these needs by providing data options that refine the categorization of tasks, making them easier to assign; and by allowing managers to assess work progress in real time. Bugs are resolved faster with the help of task tracking software than they are in its absence. In addition to helping developers keep a program on schedule for its release date, the software can increase the number of bugs they resolve before the release.

Issue Tracking

Issue tracking is a type of task tracking that focuses on problems other than software bugs. Common examples of issues include: problems with web design, data flaws, and gaps in service. A company that has bug and issue tracking needs will often combine both tracking functions in the same system, which can save money. Maintaining a separate system for each function is also an option.

Task management programs assist with issue resolution in the same way that they assist with bug resolution: by providing data options that make tasks easy to categorize, assign, and track.

Project Management

The bigger the company project, the more it benefits from having a system that allows project participants to communicate in real time. Task manager programs that accommodate multiple users can serve as project management systems that allow participants to communicate using a single resource. Permission levels can be assigned, and participants can access the system remotely when it is implemented on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Task tracking software helps project managers keep projects on schedule, and can improve the quality of projects by enhancing the management function.


A task management program can simplify task management for bug tracking, issue tracking, project management, and other endeavors. In all cases, the key to using a program successfully is to have it built around the task management needs of your company. Ideally, this involves consulting with a provider of proprietary tracking software.

If multitasking is making you feel like taking a permanent vacation, the problem may be inefficient task management, not the juggling of too many tasks. For more information on how a tracking system can help your company manage its tasks more effectively, contact a provider of SaaS management solutions.

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