Stronghold Kingdoms

Stronghold Kingdoms game review

Stronghold Kingdoms is an MMORTS published by Firefly Studios . The game was released in 2010. The Stronghold series of games was released in single mode, and all games were paid, and this project is Free-to-play . In 2011, the publisher, together with Akella Online , released a localized version for the CIS community. Thanks to this, the project found even more players. Also in 2017, a mobile version of the game appeared.

Stronghold Kingdoms gameplay

The game is an economic strategy game. From the very beginning, yours will need to upset your future kingdom. An important detail is that you need to choose the right place for construction, since by building a sawmill far from the forest, the collection of this resource will be very long. Having built your village and collecting a good amount of resources, you will need to strengthen your village, since the game is in real time and you can be attacked. At first, it will be better to build a defense around the village, and not immediately make a large number of soldiers.

The economy also affects the game, if you have little food, then the working class will be dissatisfied and the work will be noticeably slowed down. One of the interesting facts, the entire map displays real places, let’s say you live in USA or UK, you can develop in this territory and it is possible to find fellow countrymen.

 About the system of battles itself, before attacking someone, you need to equip the village well, since by sending the entire army to attack, neighboring villages can easily destroy yours.

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