Ever looked at your favourite actress or model Glowingcheeks on screen and admired her perfectly done-up face? Well, who hasn’t?
Ever wondered why you could never replicate that rosy glow she has on her perfectly-shaped cheeks?
Well, there’s a reason behind that too. Actually, three. Now be the admired instead of the admirer with our guide to getting luscious rosy cheeks everyday.

Getting rosy cheeks is no rocket science. With slight changes in your diet, exercise patterns and make-up techniques, you’ll be able to boast of them too.

Here are three reasons why you haven’t been successful in the past.

We’re not saying you have to make the gym your home, but there is just no substitute for a natural glow. When you exercise hard (we mean high-level cardio or even power yoga), the body increases its blood circulation and the blood rushes to all areas of your body, including your face. And the first place it manifests itself is on your cheeks. Try this: run fast on the treadmill for 15 minutes non-stop and watch how the flush takes over your face. Your skin will never look as good as it does just after your workout (in spite of being sweaty). So remember to exercise regularly at least thrice a week to see that rosy glow.

You know where we’re going with this. If it’s not clean on the inside, it won’t show on the outside. Junk food may taste delicious but it can wreak havoc on your skin. Even if you don’t have a history of acne, it will manifest itself in other ways and make your skin look dull, dry, damages and more like a juiceless orange than a ripe peach. The solution? Cut down on your junk food habits and go for natural foods instead. We’ve made this simple for you; the best foods for glowing cheeks (and skin) are cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados, cocoa and rice. So eat these in sufficient quantities (we do not mean calorie-laden chocolates, though) and see your cheeks swell up.

Yes, your favorite actress/model has her very own stylist and a cupboard-full of the best cosmetics. You may not have that luxury, but that doesn’t mean it has to stop you looking equally good. We’ve done the homework for you and we’ll tell you exactly what to apply how to give the impression of glowing cheeks.

Remember to exfoliate your face regularly to keep dead skin at bay. When you want to dress up your cheeks, put on some moisturizer after exfoliating to cause your pores to become tighter.
For glowing cheeks, you need to make sure your skin tone is even and smooth so that your cheeks stand out. Then, apply concealer and dab on some foundation on areas where the tone is uneven or has blemishes.
Now is the time to dress up your cheeks. Pick a blush that suits your skin type well (fair people should go for more pink or coral shades, while dusky women must get deeper reds or browns).
Once you’ve identified your shade of blush, dip your brush into it and dot it to the apples of your cheeks. Continue dotting till you reach your ears. Once this is done, blend it all in short, upward strokes, so that it is spread evenly on your cheeks. Voila, you cheeks are ready!
Here are some tips for different looks. If you’re looking for a dewy complexion, go for a sheer gel stick that adds shine, or pick a cream formula for a natural flush. For a radiant, glamorous effect, choose multicolor tones. Mauve and rust is ideal for dusky skin, but use peach and gold if you’re more pale.

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