Extreme Car Driving Simulator Review

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator 2020 is a realistic physics game. This game is the best car driving simulator. Advanced real physics engine offers you a realistic driving experience.

You can drive through the city, the racing car arena, airport, waterfront, mountains and long road through trees. If you like sports car simulation games then you can race sports cars for free. Is this Extreme Car Driving Simulator 2020 the perfect racing sports car for you as a gift?

You can drive around the city with different traffic or race in other participating vehicles, as well as compete in five consecutive competitions and double the fun. There are enough ramps where you can drive at full speed and fly in your car for a short time. Extreme vehicle driving fun is waiting for you.


The game has one of the best graphics games in Google games. From the main menu, you can choose if you want to drive to or from the city with or without cars, you can choose if you want to start right in the racing arena. There are 3 extreme cars available to buy, but more coming soon.

The game has 5 tests that must be completed at a certain point in time, if they manage to get coins as a reward in due time. With the speedometer, you can see the speed of the car with the big pedal button, you can accelerate the extreme driving of the car with another pedal button, you can reduce the car speed, and with the R button, the car will move backward.

In the lower right corner, you can control the car with the arrow button. In the lower left corner, you can control the car with the arrow button. In the game, you can change the camera view using the camera button. If the car turns, you can restore the car on the right side using the button.

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