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Marked Cards

Marked cards are a deck with secret markings on the back of the cards that allow you to determine the denomination and suit on the opposite side just by looking at the back of the card.

Marked cards or marked cards are a very effective method of deception, as the marks are only visible to the cheater or magician. Once marked, the marked cards are used for trick or cheating in various poker or other card games. Usually, the marks are applied to the back of the card, thus the effectiveness of the deception is guaranteed.

The easiest way to mark up is to fold the card. Using this method, a fraudster marks the cards with a crimp.

Regardless of the effectiveness of card labeling, many casinos take steps to prevent fraud and apply useful techniques to find frauds and scams on the 바카라사이트. The casinos themselves punch holes in the middle of the cards they sell to tourists, trying to protect the gaming tables from fraudsters so that they cannot slip advantageous cards during the game while playing online or physical.

History of marked cards

The first marks on playing cards were folds, edge breaks, or even tiny bumps like blisters that resemble Braille. With the appearance of the first drawings on the back of the cards, fraudsters began to influence the pictures in different ways, imperceptibly change the images with the help of various inks or pigments.

Adding or removing lines or patterns on the backs of cards is the most common method, but there are many others.

With the development of science and technology, the types of card marking began to improve very quickly. There are many dyeing techniques, but the coolest is the shadow techniques, which are the most deceptive and innovatively advanced.

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