Boxing Gloves

Imagine someone punching you on your face as hard as he can. Even thinking about that เว็บมวยออนไลน์ probably hurts. Now imagine the same person punching you as hard as he can with a heavily cushioned pad to soften the effect of the punch. Now you know the purpose for which boxing gloves were invented.

However, boxing wasn’t always this civilized. A long time ago, sometime during 900 B.C., a Greek king named Thesus entertained himself by watching two men sitting in front of him and beating each other with their fists. The fight ended when one of them wound up dead.

Even as late as the 1850s, most boxing matches were bare-knuckle matches, fought without gloves. Needless to say, such matches usually ended when one of the fighters was too injured to continue fighting.

With the drafting of the Marquess of Queensbury rules in 1867, boxing gloves were made mandatory for all fighters. Early boxing gloves were pretty crude and looked somewhat like a bloated pair of mittens.

This important piece of change, along with the introduction of other rules, changed the face of boxing. Boxing gloves made it harder for fighters to achieve knock-outs, since most of them were pretty big and punches with boxing gloves didn’t have the same impact as bare knuckles did. This resulted in fighters changing their strategies to suit the use of the gloves.

Boxing gloves are not only used during matches, but also for training and sparring purposes. These gloves can be made up of either leather or vinyl and come in various sizes and weights that range from 5 oz. to 15 oz. They also come with various methods of keeping them on the fist – laces, hook and loop closures, rubber band straps, and Velcro are the most popular options.

Leather gloves last longer and provide better support, but maybe a little bit more expensive than vinyl ones. This is important if you’re serious about the sport.

Velcro straps are a huge advantage if you are alone without any help, since they allow you to easily fasten the boxing glove to your hand. Tying up a lace using a hand fitted with a boxing glove is impossible.

To choose the best size for you, you’ll have to try them on, there’s no other way. Large sizes suit most men.

When buying a glove, don’t go for something that’s cheap and simply looks good. Remember, it’s protecting your body from serious injury that we’re talking about. Go in for something from reputed manufacturers, though they may cost you a bit more. They’ll keep you as well as your opponent safe.

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