Ash of Gods review

Ash of Gods

Ash of Gods review

Ash of Gods is a client – side turn-based RPG strategy developed by the Russian studio AurumDust . Domestic development, released thanks to KickStart . Some call it a clone of The Banner Saga , but it’s still a different project, albeit very similar. The game is executed in the dark tones of the Middle Ages, choosing the best visualization and beautiful design. Ash of Gods is not like any other game of the West, a completely independent project, with its own unique gameplay.

Ash of Gods system requirements

  • Software: Windows 7 and higher
  • Processor: Intel Core 3
  • Operative: 2 GB
  • Video card: NVIDIA Geforce 740
  • HDD: 6 GB

Ash of Gods gameplay

The gameplay opens acquaintance with the three characters and the main characters of this game. The world of Terminum is in danger, since the stones of Mingida, which used to delight and fill people with hope, now drive them crazy. The plot will not be straightforward as it is usual to see, depending on your answers and actions, you will influence the end of the plot. The combat system is quite simple – turn-based, or rather, movement through the cells.

A feature in the battle is a unique system, the cost of not only mana and energy, but also health, depending on your character. An important point in sequence, if earlier you were left alone against a large number of enemies, then this is the end of the battle, here you will have even more opportunity to knock out the rest, they will not take the number. We must fight wisely, because every character, be it the main character, can die, and the Strixes will help us to prevent this.

Strixes are stones of resistance against the Harvest, it is thanks to them that your squad will fight to the last without loss. The strategic order of the squad also affects the outcome of the battle.

Online game  Ash of Gods was created for those who like to use their brains and show their strategic skills.

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