5 best racing games on PC

What is the best racing PC game? This is indicated by many factors, and this is not only the accuracy of the rendering of graphics or the sound of the engine, from which the hair stands on end, undoubtedly, but these factors are also important, since they transfer the player to the virtual world as realistic as if he was in the cabin of a real car and rushed along the road at a speed of 240 km / h.

Ironing the road in time trial races, changing gears, or skidding the rear of the car while drifting, is what sets a quality racing game apart.

No, Grand Prix Legends is not forgotten, just like Jeff Crammond himself is not forgotten! As soon as versions of these games appear on Stream or GOG , fans of this genre will be the first to start playing it, because this is a classic over which time is powerless. For fans of this genre, when you can jump into the cabin, start the engine of an excellent sports car, no matter if it is an intricate simulator or an arcade thriller, below are descriptions of the best racing games that you can play right now.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The game was released in 2005 after a string of successful racing games from EA. The difference was that the tracks are street locations without night neon. The action takes place in the city of Rockport, an absolutely fictional area with free movement throughout the location. For the first time, the police appear, which complicates the player’s life, but also makes the race exciting and interesting. According to the storyline, your main character must win street racers and advance on the blacklist of the best racers to return his BMW M3 GTR car from the best street racer in town.

The game can be played both alone and with a company (up to 4 people) or over the network. Exciting city tracks, beautiful races, special opportunities such as time dilation are waiting for you. Need for Speed: Most Wanted is rightfully ranked among the best racing games on PC.


Forza Horizon 4 is the fourth Horizon series and the eleventh in the Forza collection. For the first time in a series, seasons change in the gaming world. The basic version of the game features 670 licensed cars, and constant updates add even more of a wide variety of cars by subject: James Bond cars, Formula Drift battle cramps, retro cars in the Barrett-Jackson Car Pack collection, and the like. Competitions take place on UK tracks, but the player can also create a track on their own. In online mode, access to servers is opened, where there can be up to 72 players. One of the most reputable gaming portals, IGN, rated Forza Horizon 4 a 9.6 out of 10.


This game is a great way to “take your soul away” and drive in a way you shouldn’t drive in real life. At least on public roads. WRECKFEST has been hailed as the ideological successor to the FlatOut series and the less popular Destruction Derby. The game is dedicated to such an unusual type of motorsport as Demolition Derby – a competition whose main goal is to destroy the cars of rivals.

Shift 2

Shift 2 is arguably the best compromise between realism and usability, which cannot be said of any other game on this list. The game provides not only dangerous, but skillful car control, but also the thoughtfulness of the player’s actions at the highest level. Instead of staring at the road through the windshield and only seeing the hood of the car with limited vision, or steering your head with TrackIR , Shift 2 has dynamic vision that changes depending on the context of the game.

When entering a right turn at a slight angle, the view shifts slightly, as the driver’s avatar looks directly at the top point. When approaching at a sharper angle, the view offset is much greater, which gives a real sense of corner entry style, but at the same time orientation in space is not lost. This is all very realistic.

Reasonableness in everything, even in the depths of the depicted space. This is an uncontrolled abuse of visual effects, but in Shift 2, special effects are used only to grab the player’s attention. Distant objects moving in the back are blurred, but the object is sharper as you get closer to the vehicle. When driving in heavy traffic, the driver’s cab becomes blurry if the surrounding vehicles are in focus. It looks cool, but it all gives the feeling of driving a real car. Shift 2 is truly focused on having fun and driving out of the box, which the developers have done very well.

Driver: San Francisco

All arcade racing should be as cool as this game. If Steve McQueen digitized it and turned it into a video game, then he could be the driver of San Francisco.

Despite the fact that in the game Driver: San Francisco there are cars from different eras, preference is given mainly to the style of the 70s. Everyone’s favorite American muscles, the roar of engines, squealing tires, the incredibly steep hills and winding roads of San Francisco. The game allows you to make one large recording of any of the games or several short recordings of any significant game events.

She also possesses one of the most story-driven fantasies of the genre. The player is not tied to one car, but on the contrary, can change them throughout the game, moving along a certain route, by simply pressing a button. In other words, the player will not necessarily get to the finish line in the same car in which he started the race, but in a car chase he will quickly learn to move through the traffic flow, create a huge number of car accidents in order to cheat his rivals. The game is eccentric, original, and generally adorable.

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